James "Droneslinger" Riggs

Gunslinger / Rigger


Gunslinger has long brown hair that is pulled back in a pony tail and a goatee beard. He wears a leather duster and Aussie hat with the right side pinned up. He also wears a vest that has bolted on armor plates. He has a leather gun harness that has two Aries Crusaders under his arms and two Aries Predators in quick draw holsters on his thighs. The belt has pouches that carries his fly spy drones and extra clips.


Before he became Droneslinger:

James was raised in the foster care system, he loved math and because of these two things he was picked on a lot. One day when walking home the meanest bully caught him in an ally. Just as this was happening a another kid saw this happening and stopped to see what was going on. The bully knocked James on his back and stood over him ready to start the beating. Just then the kid watching the fight pulled out a high powered BB gun and slid it to James. James grabbed the gun and shot it at at the bully. The BB went by the bully’s head, the bully laughed at him and said “By god James you just pathetic and everything.” Just then a board came smacking the bully in the back causing him to stumble and fall into the wall head first knocking him out.

The Kid that slid James the gun walked up to him and offered his hand to help James up. James took his hand and said “Thanks I owe you one.” and handing the kid back the gun. The kid responded “Think nothing off it, by the way my name is Wildshot.” James replied “Nice to meet you my name is James, I have to ask why did you help me?” Wildshot looked at him with a wicked grin and said ’I wanted to see what you would do. have you used a gun before?" James shook his head and replied “No have have never even held one before now.” Wildshot looked at him for a minute then said “Mind coming with me I want to introduce you to some people.” Jame shrugged his shoulder and said “Sure it has to be better then here.”

James "Droneslinger" Riggs

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