The year is 2078 in a city divided by the river that runs through it: East Portland and West Portland. The East is a slum land of criminals and gangs while The West shields itself from them to “protect” its cityscape and its citizens. However, both are on the precipice of destruction.

The East is controlled by rival gangs and syndicates with zero police presence. To survive on the streets means not only to know the right people but to be of value to the aligned gang or syndicate. Territories have been formed, alliances have been forged, and rivalries have sundered homes and businesses.

The West maintains the city’s ideals of independent business prosperity under a megacorporation umbrella. Similar to its eastern sibling, the independents have formed partnerships and—in turn—created competition. Espionage has grown rampant between businesses, and the frequency of unexplained events have increased within the city.

Lines are being drawn. Borders are being crossed. The questions now are how much longer will the East and West separation last, and will the proverbial wall come down after one or both sides slip into anarchy?

Shifts in Power

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