Eva Reyes

Eva ‘RayZ’ Reyes

Eva is a high-level lieutenant to a smaller gang in the Southeast, functioning as the gang’s Face and diplomatic contact, as well as a close assistant to the boss.

Jadi’s Job

Eva has a problem: Her boss is (understandably) paranoid about treachery and sabotage, so he keeps an offline hard-copy ledger that documents the essentials of the gang’s operations- Locations and schedules for the stash houses, inventory, payroll, favors owed, and blackmail collected. All of which is kept in a code that only the boss knows, and complex enough that it’s outside the range of most gangers to break. That’s not the problem.

The problem is, a rival gang hired an outside specialist to ghost in and steal the ledger, and is now quite publicly holding it ransom in exchange for a formal handover of a not-insignificant part of their territory. Not only is it a huge coup against her gang, but it could also lead them into a death spiral: The information within isn’t duplicated anywhere else, and without it, their operations will soon grind to a halt and they’ll begin bleeding resources and manpower. Paying the ransom would be almost as bad- The loss of face and territory would weaken them badly enough that it would be a simple matter to first marginalize them, and then push them out entirely. To make matters worse, their opposition has made it abundantly clear that if any of her gang’s members come anywhere near the ransomer’s territory, that they will simply destroy the ledger. The situation is lose-lose.

Luckily, Eva is owed a few favors by Eagle, up in the Northeast Concords, and he’s eager to cash them out on something minor- He’s recently come into acquisition of some specialized talent of his own, an outsider who shouldn’t alert the other gang until it’s too late. Why, he’ll even cover the cost of her hire, though there might be the matter of some minor equipment requirements to deal with.

The meet was set at the Leaky Brain, as close to neutral territory as can be expected to be found in the area. It was all going to be smooth… But everything changed when the Black Horns attacked. Now, Eva has a few more problems- A hole in her shoulder being the most immediate, but a resurgence of one of the more brutal groups in recent history is no less important.

All in all, this is not a particularly good week. But hey, there’s still a chance to turn it all around. As long as nothing else gets added to her stack.

Eva Reyes

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